Monday, February 21, 2005

Wacky Race for Number 10

It looks very much as if the Great Election Race has begun. The usual cast are all there lined up and yearning to be First Past the Post. But it looks like being a rather wacky race thus far. Picture the cartoon: there's Michael Howard in the Creepy Coupe, engine sputtering and knocking; there's Charlie Kennedy in the Ring-a-Ding Convert-a-Car, with Professor Pat Pending at the wheel.

But where are Dick Dastardly, and his loyal Media Advisor 'Muttley'? They have made a cunning head start, in a helicopter no less, by cleverly not telling anyone else the race has started. Last seen passing through Gateshead.

Of course nothing prevents Howard and Kennedy hawking their wares around the popular media and hanging out with June Sarpong (if only someone would ask them, dammit!) but Labour 's rush for the starting line has left the other mob looking distinctly stalled.

Of course, by contrast, the only certainty in the original was that Dick Dastardly would not win.

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