Friday, March 11, 2005

Tony's Terrible Terror Bill

Many are shocked and concerned by today's 'anti'-terror bill. People can't quite believe what they're hearing and are wondering why this is being done. A few suspect that this is not about Al Qaida at all. The new legislation applies not only to Islamic extremists but to anyone whom the government chooses to define as a 'terrorist'.

It is easy to see how a bomb-throwing-Islamic-fundamentalist and a bomb-throwing anti-vivisectionist-fundamentalist might legitimately be tarred with this brush but what about a tyre-slashing anti-vivisectionist-fundamentalist? How soon before non-bomb-throwing anti-globalisation-activists are smeared by it also? Before long, anyone who once subscribed to The Aberdeen Anarchist or joined a Reclaim the Streets march will be sporting a radio tag.

Even if you have faith in this government, what about the next one? The one after that?

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