Friday, July 08, 2005

The Unthinkable

An interesting viewpoint in Lenin's Tomb regarding the London bombings.

the essence of which is reproduced here:

Ask yourself: [cui] bono?

The idea that it was Al Qaeda presupposes that an Islamist group, sufficiently well funded and organised to commit what is described as a sophisticated attack is also stupid.

The best strategy for Al Qaeda would be to isolate the US from any potential allies. A way to do this would be to attack only the US and not its allies causing their electorates to dissociate their fortunes from those of the Americans.

If you beleive that Al Qaeda is as organised as we're led to beleive, then you must beleive that they have thought of this too. Why consolidate your foes?

On the other hand, as Raymond so rightly points out, Western elements have very much to gain from it.

Don't knock Raymond. Every society comes to a point, now and again, when someone must think the unthinkable. Let Raymond save you the trouble.
And, truly, we must always be willing to think the unthinkable, because sometimes the unthinkable is done.

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