Monday, January 23, 2006

Close by, the Madding Crowd

OK, I tend not to follow the crowd, nor am I readily amused by trivia.
However, against all expectation, I began to find this funny:

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Quixotematic!

  1. Quixotematic can't sweat!
  2. Quixotematic has a bifurcated penis.
  3. If you break Quixotematic, you will get seven years of bad luck.
  4. Quixotematic can be seen from space.
  5. All the moons of the Solar System are named after characters from Greek and Roman mythology, except the moons of Uranus, which are named after Quixotematic.
  6. Long ago, the people of Nicaragua believed that if they threw Quixotematic into a volcano it would stop erupting!
  7. If you keep a goldfish in a dark room, it will eventually turn into Quixotematic!
  8. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching Quixotematic.
  9. If Quixotematic was life size, he would stand 7 ft 2 inches tall and have a neck twice the size of a human.
  10. California is the biggest exporter of Quixotematic in the world!
I am interested in - do tell me about

Some of these are actually true.

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